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Exploring... We are digital!

Exploring ... We are digital! consists of 6 Augmented Reality stations that allow working on various content related to some Sustainable Development Goals from proposals that two characters, Balti and Yoki, are going to make to the students.

Butterfly Migration

rebecca wadler

Rebecca Wadler shares a fun activity that inspires young kids to think about the larger world around them by studying monarch butterfly migration. Read more about this activity and other ideas for teaching young students about the world.

Storytelling Robots!

This experience talks about the introduction in the nursery and primary classroom of robotics, audiovisual creation, service learning and collaborative work to carry out motivating and meaningful activities when learning new content while making use of the foreign language.

Hogwarts Adventure

Hogwarts Adventure is a gamification project designed and created for 5th grade students at Valle del Miro School (Spain), implemented during the 2016/2017 academic year. In it the subjects of Natural and Social Science come together and are framed in the narrative of the magical world of Harry Potter created by the writer JK Rowling.

Finding The Red Dragons

pepi corral regatos

The famous jewel thief former boss of the gang "The Red Dragons", Black Freeman, has escaped from jail. Regretful of his old life as a thief, he has promised to find the members of his old gang to deliver them to justice and thus return everything stolen. The only thing he knows is that the members of the band are hiding in different countries of the world, he will have to find them and to do so travel to those countries.

What is happening now?

jorge alcantara

Con esta calculadora de polinomio de Taylor podrás generar una aproximación polinómica de una función meduante la serie de Taylor.



Es un vídeo publicado por María y te ayudará en el área de Estudios sociales



Rima consonante y asonante es muy interesante su difrenciación

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