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Oral expression

Master the art of effective oral expression with our comprehensive unit. From communication strategies to non-verbal cues, students will learn to adapt their discourse to achieve communicative goals. Explore various oral text types and presentation techniques, empowering students for societal roles. Develop linguistic and life skills. Enhance interactive learning with multimedia resources, fostering global competence in the digital age. Start your journey towards confident and impactful communication today!





This resource contains:

LIN.U32.01. Oral expression. Introduction
LIN.U32.02. Oral expression. Effective communication
LIN.U32.03. Oral expression. Phases of communication
LIN.U32.04. Oral expression. Communication strategies
LIN.U32.05. Oral expression. Non-verbal communication
LIN.U32.06. Oral expression. Types of oral texts
LIN.U32.07. Oral expression. Oral presentations
LIN.U32.08. Oral expression. Oral presentation resources
LIN.U32.09. Oral expression. Test yourself
LIN.U32.10. Oral expression. Summary

Oral expression

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