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Discover the Power of Words: Dive into the intricate world of words with our comprehensive unit. Unravel the structure, formation, and types of words, enhancing linguistic skills and fostering life skills. Explore derivative, compound, and variable words, mastering language fundamentals while honing communication and problem-solving abilities. Ideal for learners seeking a deeper understanding of language and its applications in the digital age.






This resource contains:

LIN.U21.01. Words. Introduction
LIN.U21.02. Words. Words
LIN.U21.03. Words. Structure of words
LIN.U21.04. Words. Simple and derivative words
LIN.U21.05. Words. Word formation
LIN.U21.06. Words. Derivation
LIN.U21.07. Words. Compound words
LIN.U21.08. Words. Variable and non-variable words
LIN.U21.09. Words. Test yourself
LIN.U21.10. Words. Summary


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