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The hydrosphere

Dive into the world of water with our engaging learning unit on the hydrosphere! Explore the differences between fresh and saltwater, discover the importance of ice, and uncover the uses of water on our planet. Join us as we delve into the water cycle and learn how to conserve Earth's precious water resources.







This resource contains:

SCI.U47.01. The hydrosphere. Introduction
SCI.U47.02. The hydrosphere. The hydrosphere on Earth and on other planets
SCI.U47.03. The hydrosphere. The journey of water
SCI.U47.04. The hydrosphere. Ocean waters
SCI.U47.05. The hydrosphere. Continental waters
SCI.U47.06. The hydrosphere. The uses of water
SCI.U47.07. The hydrosphere. Cleaning wastewater
SCI.U47.08. The hydrosphere. Assessment 
SCI.U47.09. The hydrosphere. Summary 

The hydrosphere

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