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Discover the fundamentals of sentence construction in this dynamic unit, where you'll delve into the core elements of sentences: subjects and predicates. Explore various sentence types and functions, from declarative to imperative, and learn the nuances of active and passive constructions. By mastering the art of sentence formation, you'll not only enhance your linguistic skills but also elevate your ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.






This resource contains:

LIN.U34.01. Sentences. Introduction
LIN.U34.02. Sentences. Sentences
LIN.U34.03. Sentences. Parts of a sentence
LIN.U34.04. Sentences. Sentence function
LIN.U34.05. Sentences. Impersonal sentences
LIN.U34.06. Sentences. Predicates
LIN.U34.07. Sentences. Active and passive sentences
LIN.U34.08. Sentences. Simple and compound sentences
LIN.U34.09. Sentences. Test yourself
LIN.U34.10. Sentences. Summary


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