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Unlock the secrets of the novel with our comprehensive unit! Delve into the world of fiction, exploring its structure, characters, space, and time. From understanding narrative intentions to honing linguistic and life skills, embark on a journey of discovery and creativity. Engage in interactive activities, from multimedia exploration to classroom performances, to deepen your understanding and appreciation of this timeless literary genre. Join us in unraveling the art of storytelling and ignite your passion for reading and writing.




This resource contains:

LIN.U27.01. Novels. Introduction
LIN.U27.02. Novels. The novel
LIN.U27.03. Novels. Types of novel
LIN.U27.04. Novels. The narrator
LIN.U27.05. Novels. The characters
LIN.U27.06. Novels. Space
LIN.U27.07. Novels. Time
LIN.U27.08. Novels. Description
LIN.U27.09. Novels. Test yourself
LIN.U27.10. Novels. Summary


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