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Dew Point, Humidity and Weather

If you wake early in the morning, you may notice that the ground is wet with dew. This dew doesn’t come from rain, but seems to magically appear on surfaces. During the night, the temperature of the air drops. Since cold air does not hold as much water vapor as warm air, the water vapor turns to the liquid dew that you see on surfaces in the morning. This process is called condensation. If the temperature did not drop, there would be no condensation and no wet dewy grass in the morning. Meteorologists refer to the temperature at which this takes place as the dew point. The dew point is the temperature the air has to reach for condensation to take place. Since the dew point is higher when the air is moist, it is a rough measure of humidity.The goal of these experiments is to learn about condensation and the dew point.

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