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Critical thinking

Empower students with critical thinking skills! Explore our 'Critical Thinking' unit, focusing on reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making. Foster self-confidence and curiosity for informed learning. Designed for ages 8-12, develop lifelong skills for evaluating information and distinguishing facts from opinions. Dive into interactive activities for hands-on learning!






This resource contains:

WOT.U06.01. Critical thinking. Introduction
WOT.U06.02. Critical thinking. What is critical thinking?
WOT.U06.03. Critical thinking. Self-concept and self-confidence
WOT.U06.04. Critical thinking. Curiosity
WOT.U06.05. Critical thinking. The importance of being well informed
WOT.U06.06. Critical thinking. Difference between opinion and facts
WOT.U06.07. Critical thinking. Strategies for learning to think
WOT.U06.08. Critical thinking. Summary
WOT.U06.09. Critical thinking. Assessment

Critical thinking

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