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En este espacio de Educared (Perú), de la mano del filósofo Victor J. Krebs, encontrarás diferentes reflexiones sobre cómo la tecnología está cambiando la manera en que nos pensamos, nos dirigimos a los demás y educamos a las futuras generaciones.

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2020/12/06 01:38

I'm an English teacher,and we just started using the profutu equipment, which is good,but other resources that are being used in this platform,I don't think we have them here in Nigeria. Although I'm trying my best to c that I put up with the new system,but other resources are just impossible for us.tnx

2020/12/06 01:28

Hi,I really want to join but don't no how, little help please.tnx

Filosofía en la era digital (Blog de Educared)