1 - 6

Presents topics including number sense, variable expressions, statistics, decimals (including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), fractions, ratios, proportions, percents, geometric ...

You'll learn to operate with numbers expressed in sexagesimal system, to convert them from sexagesimals into decimals and vice versa. You will also learn to convert sexagesimal degrees into radian ...

Interpret data in tables and graphs.

Read, compare and put two and three-digit numbers in order.

Observe the regularities of the numeral system between the three-digit numbers.

Solve additions, s ...

Identify the order of the elements of a series, using ordinal numbers from first (1st) to tenth (10th).

Improve in telling the time in both digital and analogue clocks.

Avancer dans la lecture de tableaux à double entrée.

Explorer différentes stratégies afin de résoudre des problèmes multiplicatifs.

Commencer la construct ...

Interpréter des données présentées dans des tableaux et dans des graphiques à barres.

Lire, comparer et classer par ordre des nombres à deux et à tr ...