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If a person learns to write backwards, is that person now able to read backwards?It is an educational content by clicking on the title of this resource, you will be redirected to the ...

The goals of the experiment are: to determine whether spelling is linked to one’s primary method of writing, and to test whether the presence of spell check has changed standards for spelling.It is an ...

Experiment with writing to communicate experiences, ideas, and feelings.

Understand the importance of planning an essay.

Learn about the resources and strategies for communicating in the first per ...

Identify the characteristics of letters and written instructions.

Interpret instructions correctly.

Understand different types of instructions and letters.

Appreciate the importance of the writin ...

Identify the characteristic features of the fictional genre.

Understand the structure of the novel.

Classify the different types of novel depending on the subject.

Distinguish the basic elements ...

Learn about information texts.

Recognise the characteristics of information texts.

Identify different types of information texts.

Organise information into paragraphs in accordance with the basic ...

Identify nouns and how many there are.

Identify adjectives and know what they are used for.

Identify articles and know what their purpose is.

Understand oral and written texts.

Write coherent fr ...

To introduce the letters S, Y, C, W and L.

To present the alphabetical order.

To build fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

To start to develop listening comprehension and oral proficienc ...