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The weather

Dive into the fascinating world of weather with our comprehensive learning unit! Explore the differences between weather and climate, discover atmospheric phenomena like hurricanes and typhoons, and understand the factors that shape the Earth's climatic zones. Engaging activities and digital resources empower students to grasp complex concepts and observe weather patterns firsthand. Perfect for students aged 8 to 12, this unit sparks curiosity and provides a deeper understanding of how weather and climate influence our lives.




This resource contains:

SCI.U29.01. Weather. Introduction
SCI.U29.02. Weather. The atmosphere and its layers
SCI.U29.03. Weather. The weather
SCI.U29.04. Weather. The difference between weather and climate
SCI.U29.05. Weather. Climatic zones of the planet
SCI.U29.06. Weather. Meteorology
SCI.U29.07. Weather. Representation of weather
SCI.U29.08. Weather. Observing clouds
SCI.U29.09. Weather. Assessment 
SCI.U29.10. Weather. Summary 


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