All the community

31 - 40

Compreender a importância de ter atitudes positivas em diversas situações da vida quotidiana.

Compreender a diferença entre desejo e necessidade.

Ter insumos para reflet ...

Reconhecer suas características físicas, sentimentos e emoções.

Construir e valorizar suas origens familiares, bem como sua identidade pessoal.

Reconhecer suas qualidad ...

Provide an introduction into the concepts of creativity and innovation and carry out practical activities that contribute to arouse and stimulate creativity in the participants.

Learn about the challenges that exist in making the world a better place and make it more real to the students.

Practice the values of order, patience, perseverance, persistence, honesty and tolerance to promote active participation in the community in which the students live.

Promote self-knowledge by analysing our own strengths and weaknesses, learn about the concept of leadership and practice implementing ideas/projects, developing a variety of skills.

Learn to work in teams when undertaking tasks and acquire the most useful tools to improve team work.

Learn the importance of critical thinking: understanding, analysing, synthesising, and evaluating the information we receive.

Acquiring tools to resolve problems.

Learn about different forms of communication and how to deal with the conflicts we face in everyday life in a positive way, developing skills to resolve problems peacefully.

Learn the true meaning of learning, different learning styles and the best techniques for learning.