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671 - 680

Compreender o conceito de materiais.

Reconhecer que os objetos são constituídos por diferentes materiais.

Identificar as propriedades dos materiais.

Identificar diferentes tipos de ...

Understand the physical forces in nature and recognise examples of forces in nature, classifying them by types.

Recognise the existence of the force of gravity and the difference in value in a vari ...

Classify and analyse materials depending on whether they are conductors or insulators of electricity, identifying which is the ideal material in each case.

Recognise the phenomena of expansion and ...

Recognise the concepts of electric charge, electrical and electrostatic currents.

Be aware of the hazards associated with the handling of electrical appliances.

Explain the importance of electrica ...

Recognise the states of matter and its changes.

Learn the specific names of the changes of state.

Understand the law of conservation of matter.

Discover what waves are, what their properties are and how they are represented.

Understand the difference between mechanical and electromagnetic waves.

Explore wave-related phenomena.

To understand the concept of material.

To acnowledge the fact that different objects are made of different material.

To identify the properties of material.

To identify different types of materia ...

Reconnaître les propriétés des objets quotidiens.

Observer et distinguer les matériaux conducteurs et isolants de l'électricité.

Classer les maté ...

Comprendre le sens physique de la force dans la nature et reconnaître des exemples de forces dans la nature.

Identifier différents types de forces et leurs effets dans des situations c ...

Connaître la transformation de l'énergie qui se produit dans les piles.

Connaître les différentes transformations de l'énergie durant le processus de produc ...