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Discover the secrets of wave phenomena with this engaging natural science unit, designed to unravel the mysteries of waves in the universe. From understanding seismic activity to exploring radio propagation, students delve into key concepts like frequency, amplitude, and period. With a focus on critical thinking and practical application, this curriculum prepares learners to tackle the challenges of the digital age, equipping them with essential problem-solving skills to make a splash in their communities.




This resource contains:

SCI.U20.01. Waves. Introduction 
SCI.U20.02. Waves. Waves and their characteristics
SCI.U20.03. Waves. Types of waves and their properties
SCI.U20.04. Waves. Sound waves
SCI.U20.05. Waves. Light waves
SCI.U20.06. Waves. Light and colours
SCI.U20.07. Waves. Electromagnetic spectrum
SCI.U20.08. Waves. The propagation of mechanical waves
SCI.U20.09. Waves. Assessment 
SCI.U20.10. Waves. Summary 


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