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Writing the news

Enhance English language skills with our unit focusing on phonics, reading comprehension, grammar, and weather forecasting. Dive into letter-sound relationships, practice with newspaper articles, learn about irregular verbs, and interpret weather forecasts. Engaging activities for young learners to boost literacy and language comprehension.







This resource contains:

LIN.U15.01. Writing the news. Introduction
LIN.U15.02. Writing the news. Phonics: Letter S
LIN.U15.03. Writing the news. Phonics: Letters EAR
LIN.U15.04. Writing the news. Phonics: Letters OW and Letters OU
LIN.U15.05. Writing the news. Newspaper Article
LIN.U15.06. Writing the news. Past Simple: Irregular Verbs
LIN.U15.07. Writing the news. Weather Forecast
LIN.U15.08. Writing the news. Assessment
LIN.U15.09. Writing the news. Summary

Writing the news

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