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Verb phrases

Unlock the power of language with our dynamic unit on predicates! Explore their structure and components with engaging activities. From noun to verb predicates, delve into their functions and types. Discover the nuances of verb complements, including direct and indirect objects, and circumstantial complements. Build essential linguistic and life skills while fostering critical thinking. Join us on a journey to understand the vital role of verbs in English communication!






This resource contains:

LIN.U20.01. Verb phrases. Introduction
LIN.U20.02. Verb phrases. Verb predicates
LIN.U20.03. Verb phrases. Types of predicates
LIN.U20.04. Verb phrases. Verb complements
LIN.U20.05. Verb phrases. Direct objects
LIN.U20.06. Verb phrases. Indirect objects
LIN.U20.07. Verb phrases. Circumstantial complements
LIN.U20.08. Verb phrases. Identifying complements
LIN.U20.09. Verb phrases. Test yourself
LIN.U20.10. Verb phrases. Summary

Verb phrases

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