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Oral narration

Explore the rich tapestry of oral tradition with our engaging unit! Uncover legends, myths, fables, songs, and more while honing linguistic and literary skills. Dive into cultural expressions, communicate values, and foster cooperative learning. Discover the power of storytelling in preserving collective memory and fostering connection. Join us on a journey of discovery and creativity!






This resource contains:

LIN.U44.01. Oral narration. Introduction: Oral narrative
LIN.U44.02. Oral narration. Oral tradition
LIN.U44.03. Oral narration. Legends
LIN.U44.04. Oral narration. Myths
LIN.U44.05. Oral narration. Fables
LIN.U44.06. Oral narration. Songs
LIN.U44.07. Oral narration. Traditions
LIN.U44.08. Oral narration. Proverbs, riddles and tongue twisters
LIN.U44.09. Oral narration. Test yourself
LIN.U44.10. Oral narration. Summary

Oral narration

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