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Letters and instructions

Unlock effective communication with our comprehensive unit on letters and instructions! Learn the essentials of written correspondence, including structure, characteristics, and classifications. Develop linguistic skills for oral communication, reading comprehension, and written expression, while also fostering life skills such as cooperation and independent action. Dive into multimedia activities and engaging classroom tasks to reinforce learning and apply knowledge. Prepare for real-world scenarios with activities like composing formal letters and crafting instructive texts. Maximize your communication prowess and thrive in the digital age with our dynamic learning process!



This resource contains:

LIN.U24.01. Letters and instructions. Introduction
LIN.U24.02. Letters and instructions. Letters and instructions
LIN.U24.03. Letters and instructions. Letters
LIN.U24.04. Letters and instructions. Structuring letters
LIN.U24.05. Letters and instructions. Characteristics and formalities of letters
LIN.U24.06. Letters and instructions. Instructions
LIN.U24.07. Letters and instructions. Structure and characteristics of instructive texts
LIN.U24.08. Letters and instructions. Classifying instructive texts
LIN.U24.09. Letters and instructions. Test yourself
LIN.U24.10. Letters and instructions. Summary

Letters and instructions

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