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Day and Night

Explore the wonders of the sky, the moon, and earth's movements through captivating astronomy lessons. Foster curiosity and discovery with hands-on activities and online resources, igniting a passion for learning among children.








This resource contains:

SCI.U14.01. Day and Night. Introduction: Day and Night
SCI.U14.02. Day and Night. Representations of the Earth
SCI.U14.03. Day and Night. Movements of the Earth
SCI.U14.04. Day and Night. Day and Night
SCI.U14.05. Day and Night. Phases of the Moon in the Northern Hemmisphere
SCI.U14.06. Day and Night. Phases of the Moon in the Southern Hemmisphere
SCI.U14.07. Day and Night. Assessment
SCI.U14.08. Day and Night. Summary

Day and Night

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