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Creativity and innovation

Unlock your creative potential with our unit! Explore the power of innovation and learn practical techniques like SCAMPER and brainstorming to tackle everyday challenges. With a focus on fostering creativity, students will develop problem-solving skills while discovering the joy of generating new ideas. Perfect for ages 8-12, with engaging activities designed for hands-on learning!






This resource contains:

WOT.U09.01. Creativity and innovation. Introduction
WOT.U09.02. Creativity and innovation. What is creativity?
WOT.U09.03. Creativity and innovation. Let's practise creativity
WOT.U09.04. Creativity and innovation. Solving problems in a creative way
WOT.U09.05. Creativity and innovation. Summary
WOT.U09.06. Creativity and innovation. Assessment

Creativity and innovation

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