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Bake a cake

Explore early literacy & phonetics with 'Bake a Cake' Unit. Engage in nursery rhymes, phonics, & recipe reading. Develop language skills & hand-eye coordination. Ideal for fostering reading comprehension and oral communication.








This resource contains:

LIN.U07.01. Bake a cake. Introduction
LIN.U07.02. Bake a cake. Nursery Rhyme: "Pat-a-Cake"
LIN.U07.03. Bake a cake. Phonics: Hard C and Letter K
LIN.U07.04. Bake a cake. Phonics: Letter B
LIN.U07.05. Bake a cake. Phonics: Letter M
LIN.U07.06. Bake a cake. Phonics: Letter F and Letters PH
LIN.U07.07. Bake a cake. Phonics: Letter A
LIN.U07.08. Bake a cake. Recipe
LIN.U07.09. Bake a cake. Assessment
LIN.U07.10. Bake a cake. Summary

Bake a cake

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