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Narrative texts

Unlock the secrets of narrative storytelling! Our comprehensive unit focuses on narrative structure and key elements, empowering students to master storytelling skills for everyday communication. From understanding narrative types to creating short stories, dive deep into the art of storytelling. Enhance linguistic skills and foster creativity while exploring the social role of narrative throughout history. Join us on an immersive journey of learning and self-expression!






This resource contains:

LIN.U26.01. Narrative texts. Introduction
LIN.U26.02. Narrative texts. Narrative
LIN.U26.03. Narrative texts. Narrative structure
LIN.U26.04. Narrative texts. The introduction
LIN.U26.05. Narrative texts. The body and action
LIN.U26.06. Narrative texts. The conclusion
LIN.U26.07. Narrative texts. The plot
LIN.U26.08. Narrative texts. The characters
LIN.U26.09. Narrative texts. Test yourself: Narrative
LIN.U26.10. Narrative texts. Summary: Narrative

Narrative texts

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