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Is Horse Manure a Possible Energy Source in a Crisis?

Whether they’re oil or biofuels, our sources of power often come from the ground. In this experiment, you’ll test out more goodies from the ground. Is horse manure a good energy source? If so, how does burning horse manure compare to burning wood from coniferous and deciduous trees?To find out, we’re going to use calorimetry. Sound complicated? Calorimetry is really just one way of figuring out how much energy is in an object. You may recognize calorie as the word that refers to the unit we use to measure energy in food (the kilocalorie)—but calories can indicate how much energy is present in all kinds of things! We’ll find out how many calories an object has with a calorimeter, which can help us measure heat emitted from an object when its ignited.Is horse manure a possible energy source?

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Date de publication 27 / 08 / 2020

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Is Horse Manure a Possible Energy Source in a Crisis?