Homemade Electroscope

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Homemade Electroscope

Have you ever tried to shut the car door on a warm, dry day and experienced a small shock of electricity? How about rubbing your shoes along a carpeted floor to shock your friends or family members? Have you made your hair stand up by rubbing it with a balloon?You’re able to do all of these things because of static electricity—a build-up of an electric charge on a surface. Static electricity can be caused by bringing two together or separating them. The shock released when the charged surface touches something else is caused by electrons leaping across to the surface without a charge. Let's learn how to build a homemade electroscope so that we can see this in action!How do we build an electroscope (a device that can detect electrical charges)?

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Auteur Erin Bjornsson

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Date de publication 27 / 08 / 2020

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