Toda la comunidad

171 - 180

Use language appropriately as a tool in oral and written communication.

Use non-verbal language to support the spoken word.

Integrate courteous forms of language in the everyday oral expression of ...

Identify the characteristics of the short story genre.

Identify the story's plot and the typology of its characters.

Interpret the meaning of some stories with a moral.

Write stories with an ...

Identify the characteristics of letters and written instructions.

Interpret instructions correctly.

Understand different types of instructions and letters.

Appreciate the importance of the writin ...

Learn the main literary genres.

Identify the purpose and characteristics of the most important literary genres.

Understand literary texts from a variety of genres appropriate to the age in terms o ...

Identify the different sources of information.

Select the relevant information from a text.

Write coherent and cohesive texts adapted to the context.

Check the text for spelling and grammar mista ...

Identify the characteristics of a narrative text.

Recognise the basic structure of narrative texts.

Understand the various types of narration.

Distinguish the main characters from the secondary o ...

Identify the characteristic features of the fictional genre.

Understand the structure of the novel.

Classify the different types of novel depending on the subject.

Distinguish the basic elements ...

Recognise the structure and function of the verb phrase.

Distinguish the types of predicate.

Use complements to provide more information in the predicate.

Identify the different verb complements ...

Learn about information texts.

Recognise the characteristics of information texts.

Identify different types of information texts.

Organise information into paragraphs in accordance with the basic ...

Identify pronouns and adverbs, recognising their role.

Identify different types of pronouns and adverbs.

Apply language as a means of communication.

Analyse the function of pronouns and adverbs w ...