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The writing process

Master the art of writing with our dynamic unit! Explore the writing process through critical thinking and step-by-step techniques. Students will learn to identify text recipients, purposes, and types while honing organization, production, and correction skills. Elevate basic writing abilities to craft diverse texts, fostering confidence and enjoyment in the writing process. Dive into multimedia and classroom activities tailored for interactive learning and skill development. Unlock linguistic and life skills essential for effective communication in diverse contexts.




This resource contains:

LIN.U29.01. The writing process. Introduction
LIN.U29.02. The writing process. Writing a text
LIN.U29.03. The writing process. Searching for information
LIN.U29.04. The writing process. Selecting information
LIN.U29.05. The writing process. Classifying information
LIN.U29.06. The writing process. Sentences, paragraphs and texts
LIN.U29.07. The writing process. Checking a text
LIN.U29.08. The writing process. Presenting information
LIN.U29.09. The writing process. Test yourself
LIN.U29.10. The writing process. Summary

The writing process

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