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Water Purification Experiment: Removing Chlorine From Water

Chlorine is a chemical added to water supplies to kill microorganisms. Microorganisms are tiny living things like bacteria, viruses, and protozoans that cannot be seen with the naked eye.Cholera, typhoid fever, and dysentery are all caused by microorganisms in water.Before chlorine was routinely added to water supplies, thousands of people died because of water-borne diseases. A disinfectant is a substance that kills microorganisms. One well known disinfectant is soap.Chloramine is another disinfectant that is often added to water supplies instead of chlorine.Unfortunately, small animals, especially fish, are sensitive to chlorine and chloramine.Chlorine and chloramine can also react with compounds in the water, forming potentially hazardous new substances. This is why it is absolutely necessary to remove chlorine and chloramine from your tap water before setting up a fish tank.What's the best way to removechlorine and chloramine in water?

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Water Purification Experiment: Removing Chlorine From Water