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The Theatre

Explore the fascinating world of theater in this comprehensive unit! Students will dive into the essence of the theatrical genre, its subgenres, and the intricacies of staging. Through engaging multimedia activities and classroom tasks, they'll uncover the secrets of tragedies, comedies, and dramas while honing their oral and written communication skills. Get ready for an immersive journey where creativity meets learning, preparing students to shine both on stage and in the classroom!





This resource contains:

LIN.U35.01. The Theatre. Introduction
LIN.U35.02. The Theatre. The theatrical genre
LIN.U35.03. The Theatre. Theatrical texts
LIN.U35.04. The Theatre. The parts of a theatre
LIN.U35.05. The Theatre. Staging
LIN.U35.06. The Theatre. Tragedies
LIN.U35.07. The Theatre. Comedies
LIN.U35.08. The Theatre. Dramas
LIN.U35.09. The Theatre. Test yourself
LIN.U35.10. The Theatre. Summary

The Theatre

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