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The media

Embark on a journey through the real of communication media with this engaging unit! From newspapers to social networks, students explore the diverse landscape of written, oral, and audiovisual platforms. Discover the nuances of media types, communication systems, and social interaction. Develop linguistic skills, critical thinking, and embrace the digital age with captivating activities. Unveil the power of communication in learning, entertainment, and accessing information. Join us on an enriching adventure to decode media outlets and enhance global competencies in the digital era!




This resource contains:

LIN.U47.01. The media. Introduction
LIN.U47.02. The media. Communication media
LIN.U47.03. The media. Types of social communication
LIN.U47.04. The media. Written communication
LIN.U47.05. The media. Oral communication
LIN.U47.06. The media. Email
LIN.U47.07. The media. Audiovisual communication
LIN.U47.08. The media. Social networks
LIN.U47.09. The media. Test yourself
LIN.U47.10. The media. Summary

The media

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