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Sing along. Prefixes and vocabulary

Dive into phonetics, nursery rhymes, and leaflet reading with our engaging English language unit. Enhance letter-sound relationships, body vocabulary, and early literacy skills through fun activities. Perfect for young learners, this unit offers interactive learning experiences to boost language development.







This resource contains:

LIN.U12.01. Sing along. Introduction
LIN.U12.02. Sing along. Nursery Rhyme: "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"
LIN.U12.03. Sing along. Phonics: Letters EE and Letters EA
LIN.U12.04. Sing along. Phonics: Letters OO
LIN.U12.05. Sing along. Phonics: Letter P
LIN.U12.06. Sing along. Phonics: Letter Z
LIN.U12.07. Sing along. Phonics: Letters AR
LIN.U12.08. Sing along. Information Leaflet
LIN.U12.09. Sing along. Assessment
LIN.U12.10. Sing along. Summary

Sing along. Prefixes and vocabulary

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