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Oral discourse

Master the art of oral discourse with our comprehensive unit! Learn to express yourself fluently and coherently while understanding different types of oral texts. From speeches to debates, we cover it all. Develop crucial skills like volume, rhythm, and intonation to communicate effectively in any situation. Join us to enhance your linguistic and life skills while mastering the art of public speaking!






This resource contains:

LIN.U33.01. Oral discourse. Introduction
LIN.U33.02. Oral discourse. Oral texts
LIN.U33.03. Oral discourse. Types of oral texts
LIN.U33.04. Oral discourse. Volume, rhythm and intonation
LIN.U33.05. Oral discourse. Body language
LIN.U33.06. Oral discourse. Presentations
LIN.U33.07. Oral discourse. Debates
LIN.U33.08. Oral discourse. Colloquia
LIN.U33.09. Oral discourse. Test yourself
LIN.U33.10. Oral discourse. Summary

Oral discourse

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