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Narrative resources

Master the art of storytelling with our dynamic narrative techniques unit. Dive deep into plot, conflict, time, context, and endings to craft compelling narratives. Enhance linguistic skills while fostering essential life skills through interactive activities and multimedia resources. Explore the digital age's impact on learning with our innovative framework. Elevate your narrative fluency and unleash your creative potential with our immersive curriculum.






This resource contains:

LIN.U42.01. Narrative resources. Introduction
LIN.U42.02. Narrative resources. The plot
LIN.U42.03. Narrative resources. Conflict
LIN.U42.04. Narrative resources. Time in narrative
LIN.U42.05. Narrative resources. Context
LIN.U42.06. Narrative resources. Types of narrative
LIN.U42.07. Narrative resources. Forms of expression
LIN.U42.08. Narrative resources. The ending
LIN.U42.09. Narrative resources. Test yourself
LIN.U42.10. Narrative resources. Summary

Narrative resources

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