Toda la comunidad



Explore the intricate process of communication in this unit, delving into its definition, elements, and linguistic functions. Students discover verbal and non-verbal forms, linguistic variations, and language functions, fostering effective expression and comprehension. With engaging activities like discussions, games, and creative projects, learners develop crucial skills in oral and written communication. This unit cultivates critical thinking, cooperation, and digital literacy. Empower students to navigate diverse communication contexts with confidence and proficiency.





This resource contains:

LIN.U48.01. Communication. Introduction
LIN.U48.02. Communication. Communication
LIN.U48.03. Communication. Language
LIN.U48.04. Communication. Elements of communication
LIN.U48.05. Communication. Verbal communication
LIN.U48.06. Communication. Non-verbal communication
LIN.U48.07. Communication. Types of language
LIN.U48.08. Communication. The functions of language
LIN.U48.09. Communication. Test yourself
LIN.U48.10. Communication. Summary


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