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Master the art of crafting compelling argumentative texts with this comprehensive unit. Learn about the structure, organization, and linguistic resources essential for effective arguments. Dive into different types of arguments and hone your skills in creating clear, organized, and persuasive texts. Elevate your writing prowess and enhance your critical thinking with practical activities designed to strengthen your linguistic and communication skills. Join us in exploring the power of words and defending ideas with confidence.





This resource contains:

LIN.U40.01. Arguments. Introduction
LIN.U40.02. Arguments. The purpose of argumentative texts
LIN.U40.03. Arguments. The structure of argumentative texts
LIN.U40.04. Arguments. The information in argumentative texts
LIN.U40.05. Arguments. Information sources
LIN.U40.06. Arguments. Language
LIN.U40.07. Arguments. Using connectives
LIN.U40.08. Arguments. Types of arguments
LIN.U40.09. Arguments. Test yourself
LIN.U40.10. Arguments. Summary


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