1 - 5

Put the words and expressions in order in sentences so they make sense.

Recognise the subject and the predicate of a sentence.

Distinguish between simple and compound sentences.

Correctly constru ...

Understand what word means.

Analyse the structure of words.

Recognise and form primitive and compound words and derivatives.

Distinguish between variable and invariable words.

Acquire vocabulary ...

To take a self-assessment test.

To learn about how compound words are formed.

To practise reading comprehension skills by reading a folk tale, a comic strip and a leaflet.

To learn how to make pr ...

To introduce basic concepts about print.

To introduce letters.

To introduce the alphabet.

To build fine-motor skills and hand eye coordination.

To recognise rhyming words in a poem.

To introduc ...

En esta unidad (nivel 4ºESO) se tratan, Word, Excel, Access.

"Word es el procesador de textos incluido en el paquete de Office, que nos va a permitir redactar informes, escribir cartas, real ...