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Testing Soil from an Abandoned Field for Future Secondary Succession

Ecological succession is the natural process of the introduction and development of living things into an area. In an area where there is no soil, the process is called primary succession. In an area where soil already exists, such as an abandoned field or forest after a fire, the process is called secondary succession. The research aspect of this science fair project is to test soil taken from an abandoned field to predict future secondary succession.Natural damp soil from an abandoned area will be placed in a large bowel and sealed with plastic wrap, and then placed in a sunny window. For a week or two observations will be made of the soil looking for new plant growth. If new plants are seen growing in the soil they will be recorded and analyzed. From the results of the observations and analysis a data table will be produced and a graph plotted. The practical application of data gained from this study will be the ability to predict if the abandoned field will undergo secondary succession.

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Testing Soil from an Abandoned Field for Future Secondary Succession