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Discover the enchanting world of tales in this unit, where you'll explore their structure, plot, and characters. Learn to classify tales by topic and character types while uncovering the valuable lessons they impart. Dive into oral and written tales, the foundation of reading, to enhance your understanding of storytelling traditions and hone your own writing skills. With engaging activities and multimedia resources, embark on a journey of literary exploration that not only enriches your reading experience but also fosters essential life skills like communication, problem-solving, and cooperative learning.




This resource contains:

LIN.U28.01. Tales. Introduction
LIN.U28.02. Tales. Tales
LIN.U28.03. Tales. Traditional tales
LIN.U28.04. Tales. The structure of tales
LIN.U28.05. Tales. Plots and action
LIN.U28.06. Tales. The settings of tales
LIN.U28.07. Tales. Characters from tales
LIN.U28.08. Tales. What do tales teach us?
LIN.U28.09. Tales. Test yourself: Tales
LIN.U28.10. Tales. Summary: Tales


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