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Introduction to programming

Does teaching your students how to programme seem like a difficult task or do you have doubts about whether they can do it at a very early age? With this resource you will see that it can be very simple and entertaining.  

The 21st century has shown us that programming is an increasingly important skill to be able to perform new tasks and interact with different aspects of technology. It is therefore essential that students acquire the necessary skills to learn to programme and understand different programming languages.  

This resource is an interactive tool that aims to explain basic programming concepts so that your students understand how computers "communicate" with humans.  

Knowing and understanding the key elements of programming will enable you to provide your students with the tools they need to:  

  • Learn to apply them in problem solving.  
  • Understand how computers search for and process information.  
  • Find out what a flowchart is and its importance in programming.  
  • Carry out simple programming exercises.  

This digital resource has a simple and interactive design. It is intended for students aged 8-10, although it can be very useful for older students. This resource explains the fundamental concepts your students need to understand before they start programming

What will you find in this resource?

The concepts that your students will be able to learn with this resource are: 

  • Difference between human language and computer language. 
  • The binary code. 
  • Loops and conditionals. 
  • Data management. 
  • Flowcharts. 

Fun learning to learn to programme 

Tackling programming in the classroom can seem complex and boring. Therefore, we have designed an easy-to-follow and very dynamic resource that allows the student to understand the basic concepts of programming through everyday examples. 

As you can see, the resource consists of simple games, such as defining the steps to take to get out of a maze or solving binary code puzzles, which will help the student to understand the concepts covered. 

What do we not explain in this resource? 

This is a resource that deals with the most elementary concepts of programming. Therefore, we have excluded the explanation of more complex languages such as: block programming, Phyton or Java. 

In short, we have created a resource to introduce your students to the world of programming in a simple and fun way and thus facilitate the later understanding of more complex knowledge about programming and computer language. 

We invite you to visit this resource on the approach to programming, as well as others we have available to teach all kinds of technology-related concepts. Welcome!

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Learn to program: An approach to programming