Toute la communauté

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11 - 20

Refletir sobre a comunicação ao longo da história.

Conhecer alguns meios de comunicação.

Reconhecer todas as partes do computador e suas funções.

Conhecer as possibilidades que a tecnologia apresenta para a leitura, escrita e investigação.

Aprender a trabalhar com imagens, utilizando o comp ...

Reconhecer e identificar os equipamentos tecnológicos disponíveis na sala de aula.

Ter noções de responsabilidade ao tratar com equipamentos delicados.

Ter interesse por novas tecnologias.

To learn about the characteristics of the visual environment in block programming.

To learn about categories of blocks in Scratch and identify their functions.

Have you ever wondered what is Computational Thinking, what is it for, is it part of the world of robots and complex machines? With this resource we hope to answer all those questions.

The digital ag ...

To learn about machines.

To tell the differences between types of machines.

To improve concentration and observation skills.

To identify different characteristics of the same object.

Does teaching your students how to programme seem like a difficult task or do you have doubts about whether they can do it at a very early age? With this resource you will see that it can be very simp ...

To recognise and identify technological equipment available in the classroom.

To instill a sense of responsibility when handling fragile equipment.

To improve concentration and attention of students.

To ...

To recognise all parts of a computer and their functions.

To learn about the possibilities that technology brings for reading, writing and investigation.

To learn how to work with images using a compute ...