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CK-12 Algebra Explorations is a hands-on series of activities that guides students from Pre-K to Grade 7 through algebraic concepts.

It is an educational content of CK-12 Foundation (to access some of ...

Interpret data in tables and graphs.

Read, compare and put two and three-digit numbers in order.

Observe the regularities of the numeral system between the three-digit numbers.

Solve additions, subtracti ...

Improve in their abilities in identifying properties and elements of geometric shapes.

Analyse regularities of the numeral system, relating the name and written form of two-digit numbers.

Differentiate ...

Progress in reading double-entry tables.

Explore different strategies to solve multiplication problems.

Begin to build up a repertoire of multiplication calculations.

Calculate durations based on times s ...

Identify the order of the elements of a series, using ordinal numbers from first (1st) to tenth (10th).

Improve in telling the time in both digital and analogue clocks.

Know and identify the right and left positions.

Advance in the use of strategies for establishing comparisons of amounts, and evaluate and designate them.

Use criteria to compare numbers based on the am ...

Compare the mass of animals using personal strategies.

Explore some measuring instruments.

Read and write two-digit numbers, taking into account their place value.

Observe that, when we add the addends o ...

Read, write and put numbers in order, exploring the place value of the digits.

Relate the oral and written series of numbers for reading and writing numbers.

Have a repertoire of memorised calculation r ...

Use known calculations to solve addition and subtraction problems that involve different aspects of such calculations.

Recognise the characteristics of some geometric shapes and establish relationships ...

Know the distribution of the days of the week and months of the year, and use the calendar to find dates and determine lengths of time.

Explore regularities in the numerical series to name, read, and w ...