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Building a website is not so hard, which is why there are so many million websites on the net. Building a quality website is another story. In this project you will design and build a science website ...

You'll learn to analyze a function in order to be able to sketch its graph from a few calculations.

Functions defined by parts is a didactic content from Sangakoo. In this space you will find teach ...

You'll learn to graphically represent a function by using the system of Cartesian axes.

At the end of the theorical explanation, you can practice or create 5 exercises to master this subject.

Functi ...

Interpret data in tables and graphs.

Read, compare and put two and three-digit numbers in order.

Observe the regularities of the numeral system between the three-digit numbers.

Solve additions, s ...

Identify the order of the elements of a series, using ordinal numbers from first (1st) to tenth (10th).

Improve in telling the time in both digital and analogue clocks.