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To learn about the characteristics of the visual environment in block programming.

To learn about categories of blocks in Scratch and identify their functions.

Provide an introduction into the concepts of creativity and innovation and carry out practical activities that contribute to arouse and stimulate creativity in the participants.

Learn about the challenges that exist in making the world a better place and make it more real to the students.

Practice the values of order, patience, perseverance, persistence, honesty and tolerance to promote active participation in the community in which the students live.

Promote self-knowledge by analysing our own strengths and weaknesses, learn about the concept of leadership and practice implementing ideas/projects, developing a variety of skills.

Identify the communicative intention of non-literary texts.

Analyse the topic and the structure of poems.

Learn about the techniques and resources used in poetic language.

Interpret the meaning of the ma ...

Learn about the world of storytelling.

Distinguish texts of oral tradition according to their purpose and characteristics.

Interpret the meaning of texts of oral tradition.

Write short texts in the style ...

Know about argument texts and their purpose.

Recognise the characteristics of arguments.

Identify different types of argument.

Use the appropriate resources for the proper development of arguments.

Prepar ...

Put the words and expressions in order in sentences so they make sense.

Recognise the subject and the predicate of a sentence.

Distinguish between simple and compound sentences.

Correctly construct sente ...